A focus of global attention

At the beginning of the new century, Mr. Chen Huaide, with superb business acumen and a long vision, saw the unlimited prospects of e-commerce and took the bold decision to establish Hong Kong Winalite International E-Commerce Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Winalite Technology Co., Ltd. Since then, Winalite International developed rapidly to emerge the new benchmark in the e-commerce business, with terms such as ¡®Winalite Model¡¯, ¡®Winalite Effect¡¯, ¡®Winalite Speed¡¯ and ¡®Winalite Myth¡¯ taking the corporate world by storm.

Economists have analyzed and pointed out that the success of Winalite International can be attributed to three main reasons apart from the company¡¯s excellent performance in terms of product, culture, system, management, services etc. These three reasons are: appropriate use of Long Tail Theory, bold decision in expanding its business scope and its people-centered corporate philosophy.

Winalite International is a company specializing in the production, research and development as well as marketing of sanitary napkin products. Its production as well as research and development capabilities are among the best in the industry at the national and international levels. It has a research and development team comprising scores of experts and scholars, a standard manufacturing plant with a total floor area of 100,000 square meters, over 60 sets of fully automated sanitary napkin and raw material manufacturing machines of international standard and an annual output of more than 3 billion pieces of napkin to provide strong assurance for its product quality. The company¡¯s main product series of Love Moon Anionic Sanitary Napkins has spearheaded the innovation of the sanitary manufacturing industry from the provision of ¡®protection¡¯ to the focus on ¡®healthcare¡¯.

As an international company that strives to ¡®bring world famous brands to the common people¡¯ and to ¡®bring the world of brands to everyday life¡¯, Winalite International has positioned itself in the fields of ¡®healthcare technology, e-commerce and global enterprise¡¯ and established its business model of ¡®e-commerce + regional agents¡¯. With the collaborative efforts of many top class management and marketing elite leaders and through the integrated application of the latest techniques in healthcare technology and e-commerce, Winalite International has successfully ventured into the international market. So far, Winalite International has set up oversea branches including Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, USA, Russia, Korea, Japan, Peru, Germany, India, Columbia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Georgia etc. The products of the company are marketed to more than 50 countries and regions in Southeast Asia, South America, Europe etc. The company now has more than 400 employees and over 500,000 business partners.

When Winalite International was first established, Chairman Chen Huaide had set the ambitious target: ¡°to make Winalite a top class international brand and one of the top 500 companies in the world¡±. Now, the company is striving towards this target, driven by its corporate culture of ¡®passion, commitment, sacrifice, win-win, innovativeness¡¯. Such an endeavor is also guided by its corporate vision, i.e. to help others create a life of ultimate freedom by nurturing a force of love in this world and by providing career opportunities that care for customers as well as healthcare products that are innovative and a corporate culture that stresses on spiritual values.¡¯ The company is also holding fast to the conviction that ¡®Technology Creates Love¡¯.